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European War in 1632

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Increasing numbers of people were on the move from country to the towns or to the new colonies overseas, and in the case of the Scottish male population many thousands were finding employment as mercenaries on, mainland Europe and as far afield as Central Asia.

Charles’ elder sister Elizabeth had married Frederick V, a German Prince, the Elector Palatine in 1613. As one of the leading European Protestant ruling families, many Scots fought for him at the outset of the 30 Years War when he took the crown of Bohemia in 1619. His defeat in 1620 led the Scots to support the Danish and Swedish royal families. Gustavus Adolphus the King of Sweden’s entry into the 30 Years War in 1630 was accomplished with an army that included over 12,000 Scots.

By 1631 Charles was instructing the Duke of Hamilton to raise further men for. the European War and he campaigned with the Swedes in 1632. The death of Gustavus Adolphus in November of 32, had brought a lull in the war and during the summer of 1633 a conference was held in Heilbronn, attended by Sir Robert Anstruther as Ambassador Extraordinary, to discuss the continued prosecution of the Protestant cause.

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